Date Where Title and description
2020 GeoDrilling International Pushing the future of piling in Europe
A.P. van den Berg is best known for in situ soil investigation (CPT) equipment, but the NL based company is also the European distributor of innovative hydraulic pile pusher. Sales Engineer Sandro Katerberg has been interviewed.
2018/2019 Dutch magazine Geotechniek Pile Pushing Method; the best of both worlds
In late 2016, and A.P. van den Berg were the first companies in the Netherlands to start using the pile pushing method in combination with conventional precast concrete piles. This article will go into experiences with the pile pushing method in the Netherlands so far, as well as into specific design aspects of using this new silent piling method with conventional precast concrete piles.  
2017 GeoDrilling International Straight into the seabed
A.P. van den Berg, designer and supplier of advanced equipment for onshore, offshore and near-shore in-situ soil investigation, recently released its SingleTwist-Rods (ST-Rods), the foldable cone penetration test (CPT) string, which can now also be applied to offshore applications with the ROSON-ST system. 
2017 Cobouw Wordt heien drukken?
Met een 320 ton zwaar gevaarte gaat prefab palen de bodem in duwen. Zonder herrie, zonder trillingen. Verovert dit Chinese monster de Nederlandse bouwplaats?
2015 Website FME Handel blijft iets tussen mensen: Trade remains something between people (Dutch publication)
For A.P. van den Berg - leader in CPT technology for soil investigation - a lot has changed in the global playing field in recent years. The effects of the crisis in the oil and gas industry are tangible and trading with Russia goes 'syrupy' since the sanctions. In conversation with Commercial Director Mark Woollard.
2014 Dutch Technology FME Pionier verovert de wereld: Pioneer wins the world (Dutch publication)
Conquer the world. That is the ambition of A.P. van den Berg. In Heerenveen, the Netherlands, fifty realistic thinking, mostly Frisian employees, put most of their time in continuously improving their 'own' CPT technology, the base for soil investigation in all corners of the world.
2013 Geotechnics for sustainable developments: Geotec Hanoi 2013, Vietnam Additional parameters measured in a single CPT; Click-on modules for the digital cone
This paper describes how, by moving to smart digital communication, sufficient bandwidth over a thin flexible measuring cable was created to accommodate additional parameters, without the need for changing cones, cables or data loggers. Feedback from fieldwork with the Icone and the Seismic Module highlights the user experience with this approach.  
2013 Newsbulletin ISSMGE Userfriendly click-on modules for APB's digital cone
A.P. van den Berg sponsors the ISSMGE and was invited to write an article for the quarterly News Bulletin that is distributed to all members.
2013 Hollandtrade Dutch technology for NASA's Mars mission testing
The German Aerospace Center DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) in Bremen, Germany and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA in Pasadena CA, USA, have purchased two identical lightweight soil investigation systems (CPT) from A.P. van den Berg for the benefit of the preparations for “InSight”, NASA’s mission to Mars. This news was the subject of this publication.
2012 Australian Drilling CPT comes of age
Our agent Kevin Ewing from 101 Sampling has written an article on the developments in the field of Cone Penetration Testing and the associated equipment.
2012 Geophysics, vol. 77 A microelectrimechanical system digital 3C array seismic cone penetrometer
Commissioned by and following the idea and specifications of Dr. Ranajit Ghose of TU Delft, A.P. van den Berg developed a sevenfold seismic cone. The technology, the Icone, the digital data acquisition system Icontrol and the seismic click-on modules which can be clicked on the Icone with one simple movement (plug & play concept) were already available at A.P. van den Berg. In cooperation with dr. Ranaijt Ghose the seismic system was extended to seven seismic modules with a distance of 25 centimeters between the receivers. The engineers of A.P. van den Berg also developed special software, specifically for this array of seven seismic modules, for recording, storing and processing the data.
2012 South China Morning Post Dutch CPT technology reins in infrastructure development costs
Cutting-edge European technology is fast gaining ground in Asia, where huge capital is required to industrialise. With advanced soil investigation equipment for onshore, near-shore and offshore applications, A.P. van den Berg helps rein in the costs of infrastructure development, residential and non-residential buildings, oil and gas exploration and wind turbine installations.
2012 Heerenveense Courant (Local Newspaper)  Ing. Arie van den Berg bijzonder man: Arie van den Berg BSc.ME remarkable man
On 11 October founder and godfather of our company died at the age of 87. The local newspaper (in Heerenveen, the Netherlands) pays attention to his life. 
2011 Hydro-international, Subsea World news CPT Depth Record on Mediterranean Cable Route Survey
UK-based Coastline Surveys, which was contracted by Calegeo for an Alcatel Lucent cable burial assessment survey, broke its own water-depth record with its ROSON seabed CPT system, built by A.P. van den Berg.
2005 International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (ISFOG), Perth, Australia Conquering New Frontiers in Underwater Cone Penetration Testing
This paper deals with the aspects of designing CPT systems (pushing device and measuring device) in such a way that they meet the challenges posed by the deep sea environment at 5000 m water depth and anticipates further future developments.
1984 Underwater systems design, 6 (5): 28-31 Developments in Static Cone Penetrometering of the Seabed
To meet the demand for soil investigations in the seabed, a complete range of new types of seabed static cone penetrometers has been developed by A.P. van den Berg, especially for the greater water depths. 
1984 Techno Ocean Improved Soil Testing Method
A.P. van den Berg has developed both electrical and hydraulic static cone penetration equipment that can be used in all sorts of soil conditions, underwater, and with a soil sampler if required.