CPT Crawler


​All our CPT Crawlers can now be supplied with an extendable cabin with a fully equal floor. During transport the cabin is in its lowest position in line with the limitations regarding the maximum allowed height, but the cabin is extended with 550 mm during CPT operations to create sufficient headroom. 

The CPT Crawler provides the same high production rates and reliability as the CPT Truck, with the advantage of tracks for better manoeuvrability in rough or soft terrain. The crawler is the only option at sites where the maximum allowed height is limited. Of course a separate carriage is required for transport of the crawler.

The twin-cylinder HYSON 200 kN can be built on a 15 tons crawler which is suitable for pushing forces up to 150 kN or on a 20 tons crawler that provides counterforce up to 200 kN. The penetrometer is operated via the touch screen (HMI).

The A.P. van den Berg CPT Crawler design can be based on customer specific requirements and/or existing crawler vehicles/chassis.