Profile, vision & mission


A.P. van den Berg is a medium-sized company operating on an international basis. The head office is based in Heerenveen, The Netherlands and currently employs 55 innovative, highly educated and motivated persons.
The main activity of A.P. van den Berg is designing and supplying advanced equipment for onshore, offshore and near shore in situ soil investigation (Cone Penetration Testing: CPT). A.P. van den Berg does so for over 50 years. A.P. van den Berg provides a complete range of tools including pushing systems that are available separately as well as mounted on a frame or vehicle, (digital) data acquisition systems and deep water soil samplers. The operator himself decides how these systems are integrated in the specific applications. A.P. van den Berg is in this area very flexible. 

A.P van den Berg supplies proven technology and is well-known for its innovative strength. To today A.P. van den Berg has delivered more than 200 Track-Trucks, wheel drive and track drive vehicles and numerous of ROSON and WISON-APB soil investigation systems worldwide. Water depths of 2,000 m have been achieved and Cone Penetration Test equipment for 4,000 m has been developed. A Seabed Sampler XL for undisturbed soft clay and recovery ratio’s of >95% is available for depths until 4,000 m. A.P. van den Berg can maintain this quality by keeping close contacts with renowned geotechnical institutes and universities all over the world, learning of developments and new trends early on. An extensive web of professional agents and representatives market the knowledge and expertise of A.P. van den Berg in the field of Cone Penetration Test equipment. 
Besides the Cone Penetration Test equipment A.P. van den Berg supplies proven hydraulic pile pushers for the silent and vibration-free pushing of high-quality precast foundation piles. The machine builder and market leader T-Works from Changsha, China, has delivered more than 1,000 machines and the design of their machines is protected by several patents. As exclusive distributor of T-Works, A.P. van den Berg provides the European market access to these Hydraulic Pile Pushers. A.P. van den Berg adjusts the machines to conform with the European legislation and adds intelligence by means of data registration equipment that captures the various parameters of each pile during pushing. This facilitates a comparison with Cone Penetration Tests and delivers per pile a proof of the bearing capacity.


A.P. van den Berg observes following trends and developments in the market:

  • Investment and/or construction projects are stretching the boundaries ever further; physically in height, depth, width and length and geographically in less or unexplored areas.
  • As a consequence the soil conditions are an ever-present and even increasing uncertainty.
  • Due to these developments higher standards are required on quality and reliability of the Cone Penetration Testing and of the contractors and suppliers involved.
  • Combined with the increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements the developments are asking for high-performance equipment and/or systems, more and more tailored to specific customer requirements.
  • Finally the worldwide acceptance of Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is growing, as a result of which the area of distribution and the field of application will be broadened. 

A.P. van den Berg is aiming to become the worldwide leader in the supply of high-performance Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) equipment for on- and offshore soil investigation. 

A.P. van den Berg is able to reach this position by leading the market in innovation and new product development with highly competent and expert employees. A.P. van den Berg receives the support of a worldwide network of partners in sales and service and a worldwide knowledge network including universities and research institutes. With this A.P. van den Berg can provide the customer- and project-specific approach and the high-quality after sales the market is asking for.


A.P. van den Berg develops and supplies high-performance equipment for worldwide on- and offshore soil investigation. Besides that A.P. van den Berg supplies hydraulic pile pushers in Europe. Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and hydraulics constitute the core of all business activities. With its highly innovative capacity A.P. van den Berg wants to become the world leader in high-performance Cone Penetration Test equipment and wants to be regarded as the main key player in the development of CPT technology.

A.P. van den Berg is focused on offering its customers added value, so the productivity of their activities can be optimized. In this way, A.P. van den Berg provides a contribution to the quality and success of investment and/or construction projects.

With innovative, customer-driven, high quality and sustainable solutions A.P. van den Berg wants to be a honest, reliable and professional partner for her clients, whereby the relationship extends beyond a single transaction. In addition A.P. van den Berg creates a working environment based on mutual respect, a learning organisation and the continuity of the business.

At A.P. van den Berg we want to be proud of our work!