CPT Truck with tracks (Track-Truck)

The versatile high-performance CPT unit was invented by A.P. van den Berg and has a track record of almost 30 years. With its tracks retracted, the Track-Truck can run on the highway as an ordinary truck. After lowering the tracks, the Track-Truck is in its element in soft and hilly terrain where other heavy vehicles get stuck. Even ditches are easily conquered. The track system reduces the wheel load by 60 to 70%.

Manoeuvering the Track-Truck is performed from the driver’s cabin or with a remote control from a safe distance. The renowned CPT penetrometer, the HYSON 200 kN, is standard in the Track-Truck. The penetrometer is operated via the touch screen, the Human- Machine Interface (HMI).

The total weight generally ranges between 18 and 21 tons, but weight can be further de- or increased based on the type of truck, the country of destination and the customer’s requirements. Most customers opt for a 4x4 driven truck, but alternatives are possible.