Icone for ultra-deep water

The Deep Water Icone is a pressure compensated cone, allowing measurements relative to the hydrostatic pressure at cone level, resulting in high accuracy over the full range of water depths. Like the standard Icone, the deep water version measures the four standard parameters: cone tip resistance (qc), sleeve friction (fs), pore water pressure (u) and inclination (Ix/y). The inclination is measured directly behind the tip. 

The DW Icone can be pushed into the seabed with any ROSON seabed CPT system and WISON-APB wireline CPT system. The deep water systems Deep Water ROSON and WISON-APB-3000 are most suitable. 

Icones are calibrated in accordance with the ISO 22476-1 class 2 (standard) and on request to class 1. Both the calibration data as well as the CPT data is stored in the cone’s memory and is automatically recognized and read out when the cone is connected to a computer system running Ifield software.