WISON-APB for water depths up to 3,000 m

The WISON-APB-3000 is well suited to operate in the harsh offshore conditions of ultra-deep water depths up to 3,000 m. It requires a drill string with an inner diameter of 4 ¼“ (109 mm) and a drill tower clearance of 12 m.
The WISON-APB-3000 has a flexible stroke and is equipped with a multi-purpose down hole tool that consists of:

  • An automatic electro-mechanical system for locking itself in the bottom hole assembly. After a CPT, the tool can be unlocked independently of the actual stroke reached. 
  • A Kevlar-reinforced, high-strength umbilical cable that provides continuous charging of the battery module in the tool. The umbilical includes optical fibres for tool control and high speed communication of CPT data.
  • A constant tensioning winch that is optimized for high travel speeds (max 5 m per sec) of the tool inside the drill pipe.