Support your CPT(U) data system


The AP-BOOST (A.P. van den Berg Online Operational Support Tool) is our most economical plan. Profit from a package of support possibilities for your CPT data system at a fixed economical yearly rate.
By extending a PLC, the A.P. van den Berg Serviceteam will be able to follow and even take over the control of your CPT system. For that, all they need is a UMTS-router connection. Wherever you are! Just tell us what you want and A.P. van den Berg will realize an update, assist with the correct settings, add special functions to simplify operation, etcetera. At no additional fee.
Our service assistant will be able to remedy a malfunction in most cases. If ever a technician needs to come to you, he will know the nature of the problem by monitoring your CPT system beforehand. With AP-Boost we dive deeply into the techniques for you. It saves you time and consequently money.
The UMTS-router is integrated in the AP-BOOST, so your colleagues at the office can follow a Cone Penetration Test.

At an hourly rate
After your investment in hard- & software for AP-Boost you can get our support when necessary at a fixed hourly rate.

As part of a Support plan is more economic!
By purchasing our 3-year Support plan you give your CPT data system a real AP-BOOST, while profiting optimally of the innovative support possibilities, the expertise of the Service team and saving time all at once. You can make your own instalment plan for three years and you gain 10 to 15% compared to support at a fixed hourly rate.