DW ROSON for water depths up to 4,000 m

The DW (Deep Water) ROSON, with its proven wheel drive CPT system, is provided with technology to perform CPT’s and samples in harsh offshore conditions at ultra-deep waters. The DW ROSON is unrivalled in the industry.

The DW ROSON is available in two types:

  • The ‘DW ROSON 100’ with a pushing force of 100 kN consisting of a single wheel drive.
  • The ‘DW ROSON 2x100’ with a pushing force of 200 kN consisting of two stacked wheel drives.

Both types of the DW ROSON are suitable for water depths up to 4,000 m. A CPT depth up to 50 m is achievable.

The optical fibre umbilical guarantees real-time broadband data transmission and power supply over great distances. The self-tensioning electric driven winch is provided with a level winder for proper layering of the umbilical.