CPT Penetrometers

Three different CPT penetrometers are offered by A.P. van den Berg for the performance of Cone Penetration Tests. Each penetrometer can be extended with options for extra comfort, for example with the automatic CPT rod screw or wireless data transfer.

HYSON, static CPT penetrometer

A.P. van den Berg’s unique HYSON penetrometer is an H-form twin hydraulic cylinder set. The low position of the upperbeam provides a convenient working height. The piston rods are fixed to the truck frame: the cylinders move. These safety and efficiency features are found only on the HYSON. The piston rods are hardened, making them practically maintenance free. The penetrometer is electronically operated by HMI, installed in the control console alongside of the penetrometer. The console also contains vehicle engine controls, and the CPT data acquisition system.

COSON, continuous CPT penetrometer

Faster and more comfortable CPT operations with A.P. van den Berg’s Continuous CPT Penetrometer (COSON) in combination with the automatic CPT rod screw.
The COSON is a CPT system with a continuous downward movement of the CPT rods. The penetrometer consists of two sets of cylinders, both fitted with a hydraulic clamp. When the upper clamp has finished its downward stroke, the lower clamp takes over the movement at the same speed. This results in a time saving of about 7 s/m, because in a single clamp system the downward movement is interrupted to move the clamp back to the upper position.
The CPT operator only needs to add and screw new CPT rods. However, this can be realized easier and faster with the automatic CPT rod screw. All the operator has to do is place the rod in the CPT rod screw. A sensor will activate the automatic screw to take over the CPT rod and screw it onto the previous one. During pulling the procedure is reversed.
The COSON works in conjunction with both electrical and wireless CPT. 

AUTOCOSON, robot CPT penetrometer

A fully automatic CPT robot does all the work, while the operator monitors. The unit sets a new standard in design, control and operation.
Features include:

  • revolving carousel for storage and preparation of the CPT rods for the next step
  • fully automatic placement and removal of CPT rods with the screw
  • fully continuous CPT progression with the COSON
  • compact design, making the retractable hatch on the roof superfluous
  • the robot is operated from a touch-screen human-machine interface (HMI) as in most A.P. van den Berg CPT systems
  • wireless data transmission (Optocone)

The entire CPT operation is out of the operator’s hands and he/she can spend more time on other tasks such as planning and preliminary soil data interpretation.