Company movies

Onshore company movie

A.P. van den Berg summarizes her activities in the field of onshore soil investigation in the onshore company movie.

Offshore company movie

In the offshore company movie A.P. van den Berg summarizes her activities in the field of offshore soil investigation.

Movie ST-Rods offshore applied

Here you can see how our patented SingleTwist-system is integrated in the ROSON seabed CPT system. A compact and easy to use ROSON-ST is created. Any exterior CPT string support is not required anymore. 

Movie ROSON 100, Geoforce Technical Services Ltd.

When establishing Geoforce in the UK in April 2017 the company believed it was important to invest in a robust reliable system that his operators knew, understood and trusted. The company achieved this by purchasing A.P. van den Berg's proven technology: the ROSON 100 seabed system combined with the digital Icone system. The company created this movie about their equipment. Read more about Geoforce at:

Movie Midi CPT Crawler

In this movie you can watch the Midi CPT Crawler in production. The Midi CPT Crawler is a compact and manoeuvrable CPT system, with a maximum power of 20 tons. 

Movie Vacuum Device

In order to obtain an excellent pore water measurement, the space between the pressure sensor inside the cone and the outside of the filter, including the filter itself, has to be fully deaerated and filled with silicone oil. Our Vacuum Device is recommended for this operation. This movie gives an introduction.