By incorporating the patented ST-Rods in the ROSON seabed system, a compact and easy to handle ROSON-ST is created. It is suitable for 50 m penetration of 40 mm rods, works with all Icone sizes and click-on modules and does not require any exterior CPT string support, assuring fast deployment and high productivity. The use of standard 40 mm rods with a sturdy threaded coupling ensures the straight push that customers may expect from a CPT system.

With a water depth rating up to 4,000 m, the ROSON-ST can be deployed for projects from shallow to ultra-deep water. It is available in two version:

  • The standard configuration with a 10 tons pushing force that will be more than enough for the majority of projects.
  • A 20 tons version for projects requiring very much counterforce.

The system is conveniently controlled via a single HMI touch screen and is compatible with our versatile digital Icone data acquisition system, the full range of 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm CPT cones and all click-on modules for Seismic, Vane, Conductivity or Magneto testing.