Second hand CPT equipment: how does it work?

When buying a new car, it is common to trade-in the old one. Big advantage is the ease and speed of a trade-in, the disadvantage is that you already know that you will receive less than the market price from the dealer. Therefore, with CPT equipment we do this differently. On our website we provide a showroom where customers can display their used Cone Penetration Test equipment, to which others can respond.

Our role

Regarding the used Cone Penetration Test (CPT) equipment we purely act as facilitator. We help the seller to place the information with a photo in the English and/or Dutch showroom and bring a potential buyer in contact with the seller. He knows his CPT equipment like no other and can therefore achieve the best price for it. If it concerns A.P. van den Berg CPT equipment, we obviously would be happy to receive an order for repair, maintenance and/or additional CPT equipment from either seller or buyer

Our conditions do not apply

As we purely act as facilitator and we are not the selling party, our general and warranty conditions do not apply.
Also make use of this opportunity?

Would you also like to offer a Cone Penetration Test unit for sale via us, with or without showroom entry? Please contact us.