February 2011: Newest deep water system successfully tested

Offshore soil investigation extends to ever increasing depths, where the conditions place greater demands on the technology to be used. The A.P. van den Berg system, called ‘the WISON-APB-3000’, was specially designed for these conditions. In the first quarter of 2011, one of the A.P. van den Berg customers took the system into use for the first time. On Thursday February 10th, A.P. van den Berg successfully tested the system on its premises. Pre-testing is standard procedure for A.P. van den Berg: this way potential problems can be resolved early on in the process. The situation at sea, where the equipment sometimes descends up to 3,000 m deep, was simulated in a small scale test. For this test A.P. van den Berg deployed heavy artillery. A crane lowered the device from 25 m high into a 14 m long pipe, after which the equipment was tested on its performance. The test results were very positive. After a number of final tests following the test day, the equipment was ready for use.

​The WISON-APB-3000

The CPT system is for use in a drill pipe of a geotechnical survey vessel and offers the customer many advantages. For example the multi purpose tool makes it possible to change between CPT and core sampling in just minutes. An electric constant tensioning winch with a reinforced umbilical cable allows fast down hole operation to 3,000 m depth. Of course the engineers from A.P. van den Berg have also paid attention to high speed data communication by means of fibre optics. A.P. van den Berg feels very strongly about ease of use: easy operation of the WISON-APB-3000 system is available from the control room by means of two touch screens. Finally, A.P. van den Berg cares about the environment. The WISON-APB-3000 system is fully enclosed to prevent spills and does not affect the deep sea environment. Read more about the WISON-APB-3000