October 2014: A.P. van den Berg receives fifth offshore order from Horizon Geosciences

Horizon Geosciences, headquarted in the United Arab Emirates, purchased their fifth offshore soil investigation system from A.P. van den Berg for the purpose of analyzing the seabed’s geotechnical condition. Horizon Geosciences already owned a ROSON system (a seabed frame with a wheel drive system to perform CPT’s and take samples up to 1,500 m water depth), a HYSON top pusher that is mounted on a platform for near shore soil investigations and two WISON-APB-Classic systems (a wire-line system to perform CPT’s and take samples in combination with geotechnical drilling up to 550 m water depth). Horizon Geosciences wanted to expand its wire-line capabilities to deeper waters and therefore they decided to procure the WISON-APB-1000 that is used for cone penetration tests and soil sampling at water depths up to 1,000 m. A.P. van den Berg is Horizon’s preferred supplier of offshore CPT equipment, because of its extensive know-how, professionalism and full service package. Matt Suchley, Horizon’s Business Development Manager, comments “This significant investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to expanding our services into deeper waters and new regions to allow us to continue supporting our clients.”.

​WISON-APB system

Already starting from 1974 the WISON-APB system has become a proven wire-line system for performing CPT’s and taking soil samples. It is deployable from any drill ship and is available in three versions (550, 1,000 or 3,000 m water depth rating) with tools varying in pushing length (1 to 3 m) and pushing force (50 to 150 kN). The tool plus umbilical are released from a remote-controlled and self-tensioning electric winch for heave compensation placed on deck of the vessel. All WISON-APB tools work in conjunction with A.P. van den Berg’s digital data acquisition system, consisting of the Icontrol and Icones. It enables measurement of cone resistance (qc), local friction (fs), pore water pressure (u) and inclination (Ix/y). The Icone is easily extendable with click-on modules to measure other than the four standard parameters. The modules Conductivity, Magneto, Vane and Seismic are available and can be used at water depths up to 1,000 m. Sampling with the Push Sampler is done by pressing and retrieving a sample tube into the soil. Sampling with the advanced Piston Sampler, the sampler type with the highest recovery ratio, is also possible. With this type of sampler the sample is guided by a piston and secured by an optional core catcher. Both sampler types can also be used with a hardened cutting shoe for an even better recovery.

Horizon Geosciences

Horizon Geosciences supports every stage of the development of offshore and near shore facilities by performing comprehensive geophysical and geotechnical investigations. With headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and branches in Europe, Africa and Asia, Horizon Geosciences provides high-quality geotechnical information to engineers who design offshore platforms, pipelines, cable routes or offshore wind farm foundations. The company also supports dredging, reclamation and other near shore civil works. Over the years Horizon Geosciences has established a good and reliable reputation where customers trust Horizon Geosciences to successfully complete an assignment with their motivated and professional personnel using suitable equipment.