Ifield CPT software

Ifield is a software package pre-installed on every Icone data acquisition system from A.P. van den Berg. Soil data are recorded, shown in real-time on screen and stored in ASCII-format. Output is possible in the following formats: Gorilla, CSV, SPAS, ACI, GEF, GEO and XML. It is also possible to make a printout or send the data via email.

The system can be pre-programmed with the customer’s specifications like project name, name of the operator, name of the company etc. Also the screen layouts can be customized to customer requirements.

The software package automatically recognizes cones and click-on modules. Also calibration data are automatically exchanged from the cone.
Ifield runs under Microsoft Windows and is available in four languages: English, German, French and Dutch.  Ifield has a built-in function for remote control and a built-in manual that can be accessed any time.