Icone Vane

Icone Vane is used for determining undrained and remoulded shear strength for the stability analysis of soft soils.
A.P. van den Berg’s Icone Vane has many features that facilitate an accurate vane test:

  • the torque sensor and the drive are positioned as close as possible to the vane for the most accurate measurement
  • no need to rotate full CPT string
  • an optional robust housing protects the vane; the vane is pushed out at the required depth and is retracted again after the test
  • to prevent damage to the transmission, the drive motor is electronically limited at a torque of 100 Nm

Icone Vane is available in a slow type (with a rotation speed of 0.1 °/s) for performing very accurate shear tests and a standard type (with a speed of 12 °/s) for fast remoulding
Icone Vane can be used with all onshore and offshore A.P. van den Berg equipment. The maximum water depth is 4,000 m.