Icone Seismic

Icone Seismic is used for determining the stability of the ground, by measuring the propagation speed of sound. An Icone Seismic Module contains 3 accelerometers to receive left and right shear waves as well as compression waves.
The following can be calculated as a function of the seismic data and the soil density (usually already known):

  • small strain shear modulus & constrained modulus
  • elasticity modulus
  • Poisson’s ratio

To increase the speed or accuracy, it is possible to measure at two or even more depths simultaneously by using extra seismic modules, mounted at fixed distances of 1 or 0,5 meter. Furthermore seismic signals from one depth can be stacked in the Ifield software, in order to improve the seismic signal by averaging out the noise.
The Icone Seismic can be used with all onshore and offshore A.P. van den Berg equipment. The maximum water depth is 1,000 m.