Icone Magneto

Icone Magneto detects objects in the soil containing magnetisable metal, e.g. unexploded ordnance (UXO), ground anchors, piping, the tip of sheet piles and foundation piles by interpreting anomalies of the earth’s magnetic field.
The Magneto Module is equipped with its own inclinometer in X- and Y-direction, to allow for accurate positioning. Anomalies can be detected at a distance up to 2 m depending on the size of the object.
The standard CPT-parameters can also be measured if an Icone is mounted in front of the magneto module. To accurately respond to changes in the measured value, in particular when detecting UXO’s, also the gradients of the orthogonal measured anomalies are determined. Alarm values can be set to stop pushing when one of these gradients is exceeded.

When required, Icones and CPT rods are available in non-magnetisable Nitronic metal.
Icone Magneto can be used with all onshore and offshore A.P. van den Berg equipment. The maximum water depth is 1,000 m.