Icone Conductivity

Icone Conductivity is used for measuring variations in the electrical conductivity of the soil. The output enables detection of sand/clay layers, tracking of saltwater-carrying layers and detection of contamination.

A.P. van den Berg’s Conductivity Module has four electrode rings that are separated by ceramic insulators to ensure accurate determination of the soil conductivity. The module has a built-in temperature sensor to enhance the analysis and evaluation of the measured values for conductivity.

The modular click-on concept facilitates the application of the Conductivity Module as and when required. It can be applied with or without an Icone connected. In case CPT data is not required, the Conductivity Module is used with a dummy tip.
Icone Conducivity can be used with all onshore and offshore A.P. van den Berg equipment. The maximum water depth is 1,000 m.