Representing the CPT industry


From 1 to 6 September 2019 the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE) took place in Reykjavik, Iceland. This congress, that takes place every four years, has a more academic character and is not attended by a lot of field operators. However it does attract a very wide audience from universities, research institutes, road and building authorities, engineering firms, consultants etc. With more than 900 delegates it promised to be a perfect occasion to promote the CPT technology in general and educate people about its advantages and innovations. We feel it is important to contribute to the general awareness and acceptance of CPT, so did not hesitate to be present with a booth. This time, amongst the 40 exhibitors, we were the only representative of the CPT industry, so we enjoyed the exclusive attention of all those that had an interest in CPT. Many delegates passed by and we had some interesting discussions on CPT related matters and yes, including CPT operations.
Naturally, besides general explanations and discussions on CPT technology, these events provide a platform to promote our company and our own product range and innovations. Although Iceland is somewhat remote, we were on European turf and with 90% of the delegates from Europe we took the opportunity to emphasize two developments: the very innovative ST-technology for hands-free CPT operations and our exclusive European distributorship for the Hydraulic Static Pile Pusher.

We are convinced that hands-free CPT operations will set the stage for future developments in the CPT operator environment. Our hands-free COSON-ST technology has proven itself in the field, so we are already on our way to shape future operations. During the congress we received many positive comments, e.g. on the safety aspects of hands-free operations and offshore handling.

The foundation method with the Hydraulic Static Pile Pusher has been around in South-East Asia for decades, but it is new for Europe. This method of pushing prefab piles into the soil is free of the noise and vibrations that go hand-in-hand with pile driving. In Europe we see many bored pile solutions instead, but these are lacking the high quality assurance of prefab piles. As with any new method, it takes time to spread the word and encourage buyers. During ECSMGE we successfully planted some seeds again.
We will continue to spread the CPT word and represent the industry, so keep an eye on our website to see where we will be present.