Predictable service work


Many people break a sweat when the word “service” is dropped, because it is difficult to predict how much work a service job costs. For the contractor the unpredictable character of service often results in quite some acrobatics to free up time and capacity in addition to already running projects. The equipment owner has to wait and see what the costs will be.
These phenomena are not so different for us, but of course we want to support our customers with our service activities and will continue to do so. To get more predictability in service work, we launched our Service Plan a few years ago. This plan is set-up in such a way that service is approached preventively. Through inspections and regular maintenance, packaged in a three-year agreement, we try to prevent surprises and downtime as much as possible or in other words we try to prevent the generally undesired corrective maintenance. This preventive approach provides a better predictability of the costs and ultimately also a saving in maintenance costs, which we take even further by giving a discount on parts that are used in this maintenance. In addition, preventive maintenance can be scheduled in advance and therefore has less impact on the production environment. In this way we keep the armpits of ourselves and our customers a little drier.
Again during the last Christmas holiday, usually a period that results in service peaks due to the low construction activities, we welcomed several customers for a pre-scheduled maintenance job. Increasingly this concerns preventive maintenance, so we can say that our Service Coordinator Jan Huizenga succeeds in creating attention for our preventive approach. Would you like to hear more about our Service Plan or do you also want to have maintenance scheduled at a time that suits you? Please contact Jan.