Our anniversary year 2018 has commenced!

TrTr logo gold ap van den berg 19682018 mk3
In 2018 our company will exist 50 years and of course that will call for some celebrations. However, we could not wait another year, so we have offered the CPT industry an opportunity to take advantage of our anniversary already in 2017. This opportunity comes in the form of the Track-Truck® GOLD Edition; an offer that is very hard to refuse, certainly if there are already plans to invest in a CPT vehicle.
It is common knowledge that the Track-Truck was invented by A.P. van den Berg himself and that we have built an unrivalled track record over the last 30 years. It was a no-brainer to use this flagship and showpiece in the onshore CPT industry for the first anniversary edition. Indeed first, because who knows, other products may follow.
The Track-Truck GOLD Edition is a very well equipped version with even a few more options that can be selected. It will be built in a limited number of production batches for which customers can reserve their production slot. This serial production approach creates operational and supply chain advantages, which enables us to reward our GOLD buyers with an extraordinary festive price. Our technological masterpieces Icone and Optocone can boost this festive experience as we have offered these for an attractive price as well. Many industries have already converted from analogue to digital data transmission and within the CPT industry digital is also rapidly becoming the standard now. Our Icone system started to set this standard already 10 years ago. For the wireless fans we can provide Icone in combination with Optocone, an optical transmission system that has found its way to many worldwide users. A “fully loaded” Track-Truck GOLD will definitely be a display of our innovative strength, but more importantly, any Track-Truck GOLD will increase its owner’s CPT capabilities.  
We are proud to announce that the first GOLDen batch is in production, so our year 2018 has begun! With all the feedback we have received, we expect one or two more batches to fill up over the next few months. Of course this GOLD Edition will not be the only highlight around our 50th anniversary. We are looking at various options to commemorate the entrepreneurship shown by our late founder by starting our company 50 years ago. Keep an eye on your mailbox as we will be updating you on our festivities and celebrations by means of our news flashes.
If you are interested in our GOLD Editions, please contact our sales department.