New customer Winters wants to conquer Belgium with versatile Mini CPT Crawler

Mathijs Winters has always been interested in soil investigation. That is the reason that on 14 February 2017 he took the plunge and started his business Winters Sonderingen bvba. In his search for CPT equipment, his eye soon fell on the most compact and lightest self-propelled CPT unit; our Mini CPT Crawler which was directly available from our Showroom. After examining the system in our workshop and discussing the possibilities, he was convinced and decided to purchase this versatile Mini CPT Crawler. A good reason to dedicate our Newsflash column “Partners in Geotechnical Services” to Winters Sonderingen bvba.

​Winters Sonderingen bvba

Winters Sonderingen bvba performs Cone Penetration Tests, mainly for architects, but also for private persons. Currently only in Belgium, but this may be expanded over time. “Hopefully also to the Netherlands”, said Mathijs Winters. The step to position a small start-up company between some big players, was daring. By consciously keeping the company small and choosing for the maneuverable Mini CPT Crawler, Winters Sonderingen bvba distinguishes itself. The company remains close to the customer and performs CPTs at locations that competitors cannot reach with their large CPT equipment, like in a basement.  The company has the ambition to also provide geotechnical advice and offer customers a total package.

​Cooperation with A.P. van den Berg

According to Mathijs Winters A.P. van den Berg scored best in an online comparison of CPT equipment suppliers. “The extensive range of machines goes far beyond what competitors are offering.” He also felt the contact with our staff was very enjoyable right away. “The Mini CPT Crawler on stock was adjusted to my wishes. After that they taught me all the ins and outs of the machine in a two days’ course.” Mathijs is not only satisfied about the smooth purchasing process and extensive training, he expects that also the personal and prompt service will be handy in case of support requests.


We completed the interview with the question what the future plans are for the company. In the long term Winters wants to expand his CPT possibilities by purchasing a large CPT vehicle. In the near future he is going to cooperate with CPT companies that have large CPT vehicles and no small ones in contrast to Winters Sonderingen bvba. In this way they are strengthening each other’s activities for all possible large and small jobs. So he is doing all he can to promote his company. We wish him lots of success.