MOSTAP 65 Sampler has been upgraded, 1 February 2016

We are happy to inform you that our MOSTAP 65 which provides samples for enhanced testing methods in laboratories, has been upgraded to the MOSTAP 70. In this new version for samples with a diameter of 70 mm the latest techniques and knowledge are incorporated, also based on practical field experience.

The apex angle is reduced to 40 degrees and the cutting shoe is provided with a 6 degree cutting edge for further reduction of the sample disturbance. The MOSTAP 70 design eliminates the negative pressure created during retraction, causing less disturbances of the sample. Another great advantage is the possibility to retrieve the sample in portions of one meter, because both the sample and outer tubes are 1 meter long with tube ends at the same position. The use of a core catcher and stocking is optional, depending on soil type and sample conditions. The MOSTAP 70 is pushed into the soil by 36 mm CPT-rods or 56 mm casing tubes, depending on the required force to take a sample. The MOSTAP 70 replaces the MOSTAP 65. However, the MOSTAP 65 parts can still be supplied upon request.

Our MOSTAPs are being widely used for obtaining virtually undisturbed samples. Pushed into the soil by means of a standard CPT system, the MOSTAP is activated by pulling the tip inward and guiding the soil into the sample tube by its suction effect. To maintain sample quality, especially for soft soils, a sample tube with a stocking can be used for better support of the sample during the sampling process and during transportation to the research lab. In addition to the MOSTAP 70 for enhanced testing methods in a lab, we offer the MOSTAP 35 that provides samples having an outer diameter of 35 mm for basic investigations.