Icone upgrade for a very loyal ROSON

Safety, quality and innovation are the key components of everything we plan and do within A.P. van den Berg. That has been the case since we started as a company, so as a result we can build on a very robust track-record that is underlined by the long life-time of our CPT units delivered worldwide. In other words, equipment that is very loyal to its user i.e. our customer.
Already in the eighties we delivered several ROSON systems with pushing capacities ranging from 5 to 20 tons, providing us with design experience and user feedback that is absolutely unrivalled in the offshore CPT market. A good example is the 32 years old 10 tons ROSON from LOTOS Petrobaltic. A few months ago we received the request to upgrade this ROSON to our digital Icone data acquisition system. As the ROSON-design has evolved considerably since then, we advised the customer to invest in a completely new ROSON to benefit from this evolution e.g. more pushing capacity and more efficient configuration. However, they insisted on upgrading their existing ROSON, simply because they know and love the system and have great confidence in its performance. Therefore we accepted their preference and took it as a huge compliment for the durability of our systems.
LOTOS Petrobaltic did however realize that their data acquisition system does not meet today’s needs anymore and we have to agree with that. We cannot say it enough, we find ourselves in the digital era and the demand for additional information from soil investigation is still growing. So in order to keep up with the technological developments and the changing customer demands, a conversion to a digital data acquisition system is unavoidable. Our Icone system provides for a perfect digital CPT solution, so we fully understand the upgrade request from LOTOS Petrobaltic.
With this upgrade our customer, one of world’s first ROSON users, is moving forward in delivering accurate CPT data. Improvements compared to its previous analogue system are: an integrated XY-inclinometer in the tip, storage of calibration data in the cone, built-in memo function, automatic recognition of the cone by the Ifield software, greater mechanical strength, a better reinforced cable with a 4 pin connector and last but not least the option to easily extend the Icone with click-on modules for extra parameters (seismic, conductivity, magneto and vane).
Are you also still using analogue data acquisition technology on your onshore or offshore CPT system? Then we think it is definitely time to take a leap into the digital era! We can help you in various ways; ranging from an Icone conversion kit to a completely new CPT system. Please contact Johan or Eddy to discuss the options.