Hybrid drive for Mini CPT Crawler

Recently we have converted the Mini CPT Crawler of our customer Van der Straaten Aannemingsmij BV to a hybrid system. The CPT operator now has the flexibility to drive the system by either the gasoline engine or the electric motor.
Especially in confined spaces and residential areas, for which a light and compact CPT Crawler is very suitable, the electric drive offers advantages. Firstly, the electric motor is extremely quiet and secondly, no exhaust fumes are emitted. In other words better for both the CPT operator as well as the environment.
The electric motor and combustion engine drive the same pump. An automatic safety switch prevents that the two sources are in operation simultaneously. Performance of these two drive options is comparable. With the gasoline engine the driving speed of the crawler and the pulling speed of the penetrometer are slightly higher.
Are you also interested in a hybrid drive system on your existing Mini CPT Crawler or in a new system? Please contact us. Currently we do have a Mini CPT Crawler on stock in our Showroom for immediate delivery. Upon request we can change this crawler into a hybrid system.