Going for GOLD

This year we will celebrate our golden (50th) anniversary. As mentioned in previous news flashes our serial concept of the Track-Truck GOLD lead to an order from 11 enthusiastic customers, now often metaphorically referred to as our international GOLDen football team because of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In 2017 we have been building the starting lineup for our GOLDen team. In November we already introduced our three attacking players, followed by our four midfielders. It is now time to introduce our defensive foursome, a real international treat: RB Geo from Holland, Butler Boreteknik from Denmark, Berners from Belgium and KGHM Polska Miedź (Mercus) from Poland. They have completed the team, so we would be able to enter the World Cup this summer. However, in our last newsflash we already mentioned that the scouting process was extended, because we had realized that it is not common to have only 11 players in the squad and no players on the bench. We informed our customers that we were launching a 2018 series of Track-Trucks GOLD for the first half year. This GOLDen opportunity of a very complete Track-Truck for a very attractive anniversary price was seized by another six customers, so in Russia we can rely on a well filled bench with high quality rivals for the starting lineup.
And we have more good news! We still have two production slots available for customers who do not want to miss the very last chance to become proud owner of a Track-Truck GOLD Edition. We urge those who are interested to become part of our GOLDen team to contact our scouts Johan and Eddy. Please do not wait too long as only two more players remain to be signed up. And to use another metaphor: this Olympic month is the best time to GO for GOLD!