Geosonda extends into the future

Last year we presented the facelift of our CPT Crawler that included several optimizations for a better fit with road regulations, technological developments and user experiences. A clear example was the fully equal floor combined with an extendable cabin to maintain a proper working height during operations and a limited total height during road transport. In September we have again delivered one of these new design CPT crawlers, this time to Geosonda B.V., part of the ABO-Group in Belgium.

This new CPT Crawler for Geosonda will be transported on a flat bed truck, so the presentation of our inventive approach with an extendable roof immediately appealed to Geosonda. It provided the flexibility to create an extra spacious interior while still being able to comply with the rather strict height limitations on the Belgian roads. In their selection of components and options Geosonda also showed much attention for the operator’s working conditions. The HYSON 200 kN pusher in combination with the hydraulic push/pull clamp is renowned in the market to assure operational efficiency, reliability and durability. By adding an automatic rod screwer with our Optocone system for wireless data transmission, life of the CPT operator becomes much more comfortable and the working process goes faster. Handling the CPT rods is much easier and less time consuming, so time can be spent on other activities. Furthermore the risk of physical overload and/or injuries is reduced to a minimum.
Geosonda included our proven digital Icone data acquisition system into their new CPT crawler. A logical choice, as this is the digital era. We envision that analogue technology will be phased out in a rather short time. Therefore we take this opportunity to point out to all users of analogue technology that it is now time to make the transition to digital, like Geosonda did. With our Icone technology we can support you in making transition plans and realizing them, so please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about the possibilities.
We thank Geosonda B.V. for their trust in our company and selecting our equipment and wish them lots of successful CPT mileage with their new CPT Crawler.