Demonstration CPT vehicles, 16 November 2015

​On Thursday the 12th of November we opened up our factory doors for a group of interested customers to show a collection of newly built CPT machines; the renowned Track-Truck, a 30 tons CPT Crawler based on a Morooka crawler chassis, a 20 tons CPT Crawler based on our latest design, a Mini CPT Crawler and a basic CPT SKID.

The Track-Truck was invented by A.P. van den Berg and we have an unrivalled track-record of more than 25 years. This latest edition reflects the current state of technology. It is built on a Volvo-chassis in line with all EURO 6 regulations and it is equipped with many of our developments that enhance the operator’s working conditions. The HYSON 200 kN penetrometer, well known for its robustness and operational excellence, is operated via a touch screen. The automatic CPT rod screwer combined with our Optocone system for wireless data transmission is reducing rod and cable handling requirements for the operator. Of course our digital Icone data acquisition has been installed in this Track-Truck and the Icone Magneto click-on module was included to detect metal objects.

Our CPT Crawler design has received a facelift in line with the market requirements. The most eye-catching development is related to the CPT cabin. All our CPT Crawlers can now be supplied with an extendable cabin with a fully equal floor. During transport the cabin is in its lowest position in line with the limitations regarding the maximum allowed height, but the cabin is extended with 550 mm during CPT operations to create sufficient headroom. Furthermore this CPT Crawler has been equipped with the proven HYSON 200 kN pusher and touch screen, the Optocone system and the digital Icone data acquisition.

A 30 tons CPT Crawler based on a third party crawler chassis is a real “toy for boys” and is not often seen in the Netherlands. The shown CPT unit is built on the relatively fast Morooka rig that makes it suitable for longer travel distances and the rubber tracks limit the risk of damaging asphalt or concrete surfaces. Special about this Morooka CPT Crawler is that the HYSON 300 kN provides a pushing force of up to 30 tons! It is equipped with the digital Icone data acquisition system with Icones for the standard CPTs and the customer immediately added the Seismic click-on module for determining the soil stability by means of measuring the sound propagation speed in the soil. Later on it can easily be expanded with the click-on modules for magneto, vane and conductivity tests.

The most compact and lightest self-propelled unit, the Mini CPT Crawler, and the Basic CPT SKID which delivers optimal performance at an attractive price, completed the line-up. Both systems are now available from stock, so with a very fast delivery time. They can also be reviewed in the Showroom on our website.

We would like to thank the Vlaamse Overheid (Flemish Government), department MOW from Belgium, Morris Shea Bridge Company, Inc. from the USA and Theo van Velzen Holding B.V. from the Netherlands for allowing us to display their equipment. All attendees showed their appreciation for the opportunity to see the latest equipment configurations. Besides, the demonstration was an excellent opportunity to discuss developments in the market while enjoying a snack and drink.