Children experience the fascination of technology

From 15 to 19 May the GeoWeek took place in the Netherlands. As part of the GeoWeek 4,700 school children in the age of 10 to 15 years are introduced to the Geotechnical branch. They attended guest lectures from professionals or paid a visit to Geo Companies.

Just like last year we participated as Geo Company. We welcomed four school classes and let the pupils enjoy a unique day. The school visits started with a short explanation about our company and a tour of the workshop. Then they were allowed to work as a CPT operator themselves, guided by one of our engineers, and produce a soil profile with a Mini CPT Crawler.  Of course this made the visit even more interesting.

We think it is important for children to experience the fascination of technology at a young age. At the age of about 14 years, children in the Netherlands have to choose a professional school or study. Prior to that decision they are still discovering in which they are interested, so that is the right moment to let them get acquainted with a job in engineering. Who knows, maybe a few of them enter the engineering profession and our goal is reached!