50 years in the spotlight

From 20 to 22 June we focused on the importance of face-to-face contact and live demonstrations. This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we realize that we would not exist without all our business contacts. So not only our customers, but also professors, sales agents, suppliers, service providers, development partners and the media. All of them are in fact represented by people that have contact with our people, so it is fair to say that we thrive on relations and especially on face-to-face contacts. Therefore we felt that our 50 years in this business was reason enough for a celebration to strengthen the relationships. Because our social network is quite global, for us it was a no-brainer to organize it on 20 June, just before the CPT’18 symposium in Delft, the Netherlands. This combination was a recipe for success, as many invitees from all over the world registered for the event and almost all showed up!
Around 85 people enjoyed our event’s kick-off with a guided city walk through the beautiful and historic inner city of Delft. In the evening around 150 people attended our dinner party, starting with a nearly tropical outside cocktail reception, followed by a relaxed buffet dinner. The event continued into the late night with a live performance from our piano duo. Again, we would like to thank all guests for their attendance and for all the positive reactions. We are sure that Mr. Luis Vargas Herrera from MYV Soluciones Geotécnicas in Costa Rica will remember the party at least once, viz. when he will be spending the travel voucher of 1500 euros he won during that evening!
On 21 and 22 June the 4th international symposium on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT’18) was organized at the Technical University (TU) of Delft. We fully understand that this event is an ideal opportunity for our business relations to experience “the look and feel” of our technology and to have face-to-face contact. Therefore we presented ourselves at three different locations.

First of all with an inside booth, where we showed our Icone Data Acquisition System and our most compact CPT system, the HYSON 100 kN-LW. At the end of the second day Mr. Wouter Vervaele from The Flemish Government dept. MOW was the lucky winner in our Icone raffle. We also had a booth outside. At many international events around the world, A.P. van den Berg and their competitor Geomil do take the effort to first of all promote the CPT technology in general and secondly their company. Now that this CPT symposium was brought back to the cradle of CPT, both companies decided to join hands and show everyone the importance we attach to supporting the industry in general as well as major geotechnical events. In this shared booth the Track-Truck GOLD Edition, that was just delivered to Van Dijk Geo- en Milieutechniek, attracted a lot of attention.

Because CPT’18 was lacking the possibility to actually demonstrate CPT equipment in operation, we contacted the TU Delft ourselves to set-up a demonstration area. It is very fair to say that this initiative turned out into a bull’s-eye. The 5 minutes’ walk from the symposium did not stop anyone from visiting our demonstration area. The “live” fully operational COSON-ST, the hands-free CPT machine for onshore soil investigations, was the eye catcher. Not only CPT’18 attendees showed up, but also many other interested people. Our demonstration crew could hardly find time to have a drink or a bite. For those who were not able to see the COSON-ST in Delft, please be aware that the demo-unit is performing tests in our factory. Therefore you still have the possibility to experience a live demonstration until 23 July 2018. You can contact Johan or Eddy to make an appointment.

Several customers had made room in their production planning to participate in the demonstrations, which we highly appreciate. Geosonda from Belgium showed their CPT Crawler, the various GOLD and non-GOLD Track-Trucks from the Dutch CPT companies Tjaden Adviesbureau, Songoed and Aelmans ECO frequented our sandy area and Winters Sonderingen from Belgium was there with their Mini CPT Crawler. Inside the CPT cabins it was possible to get the “look and feel” of our Icone Data Acquisition System, including some of the click-on modules; the Icone Vane from Wiertsema & Partners and the Icone Magneto from Tjaden Adviesbureau. Again, the cooperation we received from our customers shows how important maintaining good relations is.