Software Engineer

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In the role of Software Engineer, no day is the same. The start of your morning, after a cup of coffee of course, may consist of testing new software you have developed for the measuring equipment. You concentrate on every detail to make sure everything works perfectly.  
You take this morning right away to create a prototype for a new feature. With your technical skills and creative mind, you begin to develop. Gradually, you see your ideas come to life. As you look proudly at the screen, you get an urgent phone call transferred from a customer abroad. He is having problems with the new measurement system you recently developed. “I keep getting an error at one specific command,” you hear on the other end of the line. Patiently and with step-by-step instructions, you guide the customer through it and make sure that everything works as intended again. Gratefully, the customer hangs up again.   
Then you realize again how important your work is. But what you like best of all is working on on- and offshore projects that involve fully automated probing. So you are already looking forward to working on them tomorrow!

We will first introduce ourselves

We are A.P. van den Berg, an innovative family business from Heerenveen, The Netherlands that designs, builds and delivers CPT equipment for onshore, offshore and nearshore ground investigation. Our customers are spread all over the world. We are continuously working on innovations in the field of CPT equipment. The equipment, instruments, software, etc. are completely developed and made in-house. Our company consists of about 60 employees and the company culture is characterized by: pride in your work, respect for each other, working together and continuing to learn and adapt. We are growing in various areas. We don't do crazy things, but we are far from standing still. Not in our products, but not in our operations either.  

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Who are we looking for?

To strengthen our Engineering & Development team, we are looking for an enthusiastic and driven Software Engineer: a professional who is passionate about developing innovative solutions for soil testing. Someone who provides accurate and creative designs and implementations of software. A key member of the team who embraces new developments and effortlessly integrates them into our technological environment. In short, we are looking for someone who feels at home in a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment and who always strives for excellence. 

As a Software Engineer

  • You play a crucial role in the development and optimization of measuring systems for soil research.  
  • You understand exactly why you do what you do and you dare to look and think outside the box. Moreover, you think along with the architecture and are open to different visions and ideas. 
  • You work on multiple projects simultaneously. Here it is important that you are flexible and can set priorities.   
  • You are an innovative quality champion who wants to take our products to the next level.  
  • Do you understand that accurate information is essential and are aware of the importance of safeguarding data. 

Of course, we are primarily looking for a Software Engineer who fits us perfectly in terms of character, motivation and vision. In addition, our ideal candidate is: 

  • A Software Engineer with a completed college or university degree in Technical Computer Science, Electronics or similar. 
  • Experienced with GIT and issue tracking (JIRA) and familiar with various communication protocols.   
  • A Software Engineer who is fluent in Dutch and English, spoken and written, so that you can speak to our global customers. 

Do you recognize yourself in the above mentioned points? Then you just might be our new Software Engineer.   

With whom and for whom do you work?

At A.P. van den Berg you will be working in a multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic professionals who enjoy working on innovative developments. The Engineering department consists of 13 colleagues. You work a lot independently, but also cooperate with your colleague Sensor Engineer. In addition, you are in regular contact with customers around the world to provide technical support and training. You are accountable to the Technical Director and Head of E&D. Are you excited and curious about what we have to offer? Then read on about this unique position below.   

What do you do during a working day?

  • You develop and test software for equipment for soil research.  
  • With your knowledge and skills you ensure that our machines can measure in a valid way.  
  • You make the data structured and clear and guarantee data safety.  
  • You translate new developments into usable prototypes within our technical domain.  
  • You provide technical support and training to customers at home and abroad.

This is what you get from us:

  • A fun, challenging job for 32-40 hours per week.    
  • Salary in accordance the Dutch Collective Labour agreements for Metal and Technology. (CAO Metaal en Techniek)
  • Flexible working hours and extensive training and development opportunities.  
  • 8% vacation pay and profit allowance.   
  • Commuting allowance of € 0.23 per km with a maximum of € 23 per day.   
  • 200 vacation hours per year and 104 ADV hours per year for full-time employment.   
  • And last but not least: a pleasant working atmosphere in which cooperation and technical innovation are paramount.   

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this vacancy and would you like to work for a dynamic company that is an international leader in its field? Do you have the skills we are looking for? Do not hesitate and apply to us as a Software Engineer. Would you like to apply or do you have questions about the vacancy? Send an email to with Software Engineer for the attention of Suzanne Hendriks (HR Manager).   
Acquisition to this vacancy is not appreciated.