A.P. van den Berg has many ideas and one ambition: creating tools that move your business

A.P. van den Berg provides technical solutions in areas that have traditionally been strong Dutch fields of expertise.
For more than 45 years A.P. van den Berg designs and supplies advanced equipment for onshore, offshore and near shore in situ soil investigation with a focus on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT). A.P. van den Berg provides the complete package including the equipment, tools and a data acquisition/measuring system. Besides the CPT equipment, A.P. van den Berg develops and supplies innovative hydraulic systems for in particular bridges and locks. A third activity of A.P. van den Berg is the development of modern mechanical engineering. A.P van den Berg supplies proven technology and is well-known for it’s innovative strength.


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Midi CPT Crawler

 Icone with click-on modules DW ROSON 100 and 2x100    Track-Truck  
A compact 20 tons 
CPT Crawler
CPT-U with click-on modules (seismic, conductance, vane)  A seabed CPT system for up to 4000 m water depth A CPT Truck with tracks for mobility on rough terrain

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